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Free level test

Hi, I’m Pepe. ____’s your name?
A. How
B. What
C. Where
D. Are
Miriam Smith ____ to university for the first time on Monday.
A. arrived
B. went
C. was
D. studied
We never go swimming in the sea at night. It’s ____ because the ships can’t see you.
A. dark
B. dirty
C. dangerous
D. quiet
When Pam is older, she hopes that she can ____ some money from taking photos.
A. cost
B. take
C. earn
D. bring
Brian didn’t ____ what kind of present to get his sister.
A. consider
B. think
C. understand
D. know
As a young boy, Tom was shy and had ____ in finding friends.
A. worry
B. problem
C. fear
D. difficulty
The hotel is closed for repairs ____ the end of February.
A. until
B. within
C. by
D. on
I’d like to return this book because some of the pages are ____.
A. torn
B. hurt
C. wounded
D. injured
I’ve heard a lot about you. It’s a real pleasure ____ you at last.
A. meet
B. to meeting
C. to meet
D. met
For many young people sport is a popular part of school life and ____ part in one of the school teams is very important.
A. having
B. being
C. taking
D. putting
Mr Davis, I ____ a message for you earlier from Mr Lewis.
A. make
B. took
C. did
D. put
I was allowed to leave early ____ I did the work the following day.
A. in case
B. even if
C. providing
D. otherwise
You can now receive your bank statement online at the ____ of a button.
A. force
B. hit
C. depress
D. push
David has never been ____ in football. He prefers basketball.
A. keen
B. eager
C. fond
D. interested
The organizers cancelled the conference because by the closing date ____ had enrolled.
A. somebody
B. anybody
C. nothing
D. nobody
I ran to the station in order to ____ getting too wet in the rain.
A. avoid
B. oppose
C. resist
D. stop
Elliot has ____ experience of repairing computers.
A. wide
B. extensive
C. plenty
D. large
He got the job on the ____ of his excellent qualifications.
A. support
B. assistance
C. backing
D. basis
The news of her failure was not ____ unexpected, considering how ill she had been.
A. extremely
B. thoroughly
C. entirely
D. utterly
The system aims to give everyone ____ opportunity at the beginning of their lives.
A. an equal
B. a same
C. a level
D. an associated
It's ____ usual for all of us to have our own peculiar fears, for example being anxious around snakes.
A. really
B. absolutely
C. quite
D. truly
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